Get a grip on your digital communication strategy towards your consumers

Why choose the U-label platform?

The U-label platform is an online tool designed to support wine and spirits companies in providing their EU consumers with relevant information about their products through digital labelling. The U-label platform offers some unique features that will make your life easier.



Integrated expertise on EU legal requirements for wine, aromatised wine and spirits products labelling.



Automatic translation of all structured information into 24 EU languages.



Complete autonomy for companies to create new e-labels and manage existing e-labels.

Digital labelling allows companies to provide clear, relevant and accurate information to their consumers, in their own language, wherever they are. A change in labelling legislation? No worries. With just a few clicks, e-labels are adapted instantly on the U-label platform, for every bottle.


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Secure and cutting-edge technology

Developed with the latest technology, our platform guarantees data collection and treatment and automation in a high-security environment. Keep your product information safe with us.

Who can join U-label?

The U-label platform is open to any wine or spirit company, based inside or outside the EU, wishing to use e-labelling to provide information to their EU consumers. Whether a very small company or a multinational, any company will find in the U-label platform an adapted and affordable solution to boost its digital information to consumers

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