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Join U-label digital platform to start your digital journey and create your e-labels to drive transparency and boost information towards your consumers in an easy, secured and affordable way. Join now!

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Whether you are a wine, an aromatise wine or a spirits company producing in the EU or outside the EU and willing to communicate digitally with EU consumers while ensuring legal compliance, we have got an adapted solution to support you.

Empowering consumers through digital

Consumers wants to know everything about the products they buy and building an authentic relationship means for companies to provide to them more relevant and transparent information about the products they are willing to buy.

What is an e-label?

An e-label is a dedicated webpage compiling structured information on a precise product, for a specific market. The e-label is made available to consumers through a unique QR-code printed on the back label of the product. By scanning the QR-code with their smartphone, consumers are directly led to the e-label of the product they have scanned, in the appropriate language, defined through geo-localisation.

Our solution

Drive transparency and boost product information digitally to better connect with your consumers

The easiest way to create compliant and multilingual e-labels for your products

Move into a digital information strategy with the tranquillity of doing it in a secured and trusted environment, for you and your customers. U-label is the easiest way to start building a digital consumer information environment.

Who can join U-label?

The U-label platform is open to any wine or spirit company, based inside or outside the EU, wishing to use e-labelling to provide information to their EU consumers. Whether a very small company or a multinational, any company will find in the U-label platform an adapted and affordable solution to boost its digital information to consumers